Current Deposit

  • 1. Individuals
  • 2. Institutions
  • 3. Societies


Any person or persons approved by the bank in the following manners:

  • 1. In his/her name
  • 2. In the name of two or more persons
  • 3. Co-op. Societies, Institutions and Associations
  • 4. Private/Public Ltd. Company
  • 5. Proprietor/Partner

Initial Deposit :

Initial cash deposit of Rs.1000/- which balance should always be maintained in the Current Account.

Interest :

No interest will be paid on the balance in Current Account.

Statement of Account:

Bank will issue statement of account to the accountholder once in a month on requisition.

Incidental Charges:

Incidental charges as per Service Charge Manual in force will be levied for non-maintenance of minimum balance prescribed, return of Inward/Outward cheques, stop payment instructions, issue of cheque books etc. Refer to our Service Charges else-where on this site.

Minimum Requirement:

  • 1. Introduction by a person known and acceptable to the bank.
  • 2. copies of latest photographs
  • 3. Proof of identity and residence and business proof
  • 4. Copy of PAN card with original for verification


The Bank reserves the right to alter, amend and rescind the rules from time to time.